E&P operators and service companies can benefit from the synergistic value that the PRRO Water initiative delivers. It provides chemical services, water management services, customized equipment, mud-related services, blending (custom and toll), and logistics for a complete sustainable water management solution.

Our vertically integrated companies in this initiative are proven in their respective fields.

PfPTechnologyPFP Technology – PfP Technology is a world leader in the supply of guar gum and related products for the hydraulic fracturing and oilfield completions industry.

Established in 2001, our robust product line includes guar slurries, cross linkers, breakers, friction reducers, clay stabilizers and other stimulation chemical solutions. Our in-house blending includes guar slurries as well as other chemicals, most of which are formulated from proprietary PfP recipes.

Today, PfP Technology is among the world’s top producers of liquefied guar for stimulation. We serve and supply all of the most active basins in America, and our network of facilities and distribution assets continues to grow.

Based in Katy, TX, our 75-acre primary manufacturing and distribution hub is strategically positioned to receive imports through the Port of Houston. From here we feed raw materials to our other blending and distribution satellites in Texas, Wyoming, Montana and Ohio. We also ship from the Katy location directly to customers and field locations in South Texas, East Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

As an industry leader in value and performance, we are committed to serving you better by continuing our tradition of growth, expertise and in-house solutions development.

sprecycleanRecyClean Services – The Hydro-Pod water recycling technology is designed using 30+ years hydro-frac experience and built upon mature technology. It treats frac flow back and produced waters and is the only technology that addresses 9+ impurities in one treatment to mitigate the risks associated with reusing produced water. the Hydro-Pod uses a proprietary process employing ozone and bi-metallic electrocoagulation to eliminate the need for hazardous oxidizers and their associated liability. Processing at up to 2.5 to 3 BPM, units can be run in parallel to meet daily processing requirements, and can also serve as a centralized processing facility to serve multiple well locations. Liability from transporting and disposing of contaminants is nearly eliminated.

The Hydro-Pod design enables even those without a highly technical or engineering-related background to easily and efficiently process disposal waters that can be reused in the frac process. Its small footprint, efficiency and cost-effective operation have made it a favorite amongst operators.

sproughneckRoughneck – Roughneck Equipment was established in 2012 as a company that provides leased equipment skillfully designed, fabricated and serviced from within. Recognizing that mobility is key to servicing the drilling and hydraulic fracturing industry, the equipment in the Roughneck fleet is primarily mobile and designed for field blending and bulk storage of dry and liquid materials.

This line of rugged equipment includes Field Slurry Units (FSU), Bulk Chemical Units (BCU), mobile pump trailers, and dry powder friction reducer blenders. A dry powder guar blender is currently in development and will be available soon.

The Roughneck fabrication and maintenance facility is located in Katy, Texas. This operation is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable engineers, CAD draftsmen, welders, fabricators and field service technicians. The Katy location also provides an equipment washout service by appointment.

Satellite locations for mobile field blending rental equipment service and distribution include Midland, Texas, Evanston, Wyo., Miles City, Mont., and Cambridge, Ohio.

partneroptiblendOptiblend Industries, Inc. – OptiBlend Industries, Inc. provides blending, storage and distribution for PfP Technology and other customers. As a reputable toll blender, each of our facilities in Texas, Wyoming, Montana and Ohio is staffed with trained and qualified operators and technicians to perform the blending, Quality Control and distribution functions around the clock as required.